Mickey Smith Jr. School-Development (Teacher In-service/Professional Development/Student Assemblies)

For me education is more than just a subject matter; it's about showing children that THEY matter. Children are often just ONE caring adult away from success. This thing I refer to as B.A.N.D. is not simply a class but it's a concept, it's a vehicle that I use to drive home the message of Being your best, Aiming for success, Never settling for less than your best and Demanding excellence in yourself. Our young people deserve this and I make it my mission everyday to serve as that caring adult devoted to making a difference in their lives.”

— Mickey Smith Jr.

SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT (Teacher Inservice & Student Assemblies)

Reach & Teach Beyond Yourself (B.A.N.D. TOGETHER)

Mickey Smith Jr. is an award winning educator, musician, author and speaker who uses his expertise helping teachers and teens B.A.N.D. together.  His SOUND180 Method equips current and future educators, leaders, parents, mentors and other SOUND ADULTS with the tools, strategies, and practices to elevate their classroom engagement and classroom environments while at the same time imparting practical life and leadership skills into students that will help them navigate not only through the school year but throughout their entire life. 


Reach & Teach Beyond Yourself


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