Statistically-speaking Mickey Smith Jr. should have been a lost cause, but he is living proof to what faith, drive, and focus can produce.  

Mickey has experienced firsthand the influence of family, caring teachers, and coaches.  These SOUND ADULTS were absolute game-changers.  

Mickey's practice and play on the saxophone would open a door for him to defy the odds and become the first in his family to graduate college.  Today as a full-time educator and speaker, he  continues to play the saxophone with enthusiasm and expertise.  

After college, Mickey began public service as a teacher.  Mickey does more than teach the mind; he reaches the heart. A figure in the music industry once saw Mickey instructing students and submitted his name to the Recording Academy for a nationwide competition resulting in him becoming a national finalist for  a GRAMMY Music Educator Award; starting a journey from the classroom to audiences across the country.   

Mickey talks to educators in a humorous and heartwarming style about the everyday challenges and choices each one faces in what Mickey calls “The One-Eighty”; helping them to discover the sound to create one hundred eighty days of classroom harmony.   

Mickey believes teaching at its best is an art form.  We all possess a unique teaching sound that must be performed with excellence on the classroom stage, to our student audiences. His story reminds us that, “Every child is one SOUND ADULT away from discovering their success!” 

From being a lost cause to helping you discover your sound, Mickey helps teachers overcome their problems by meeting them head-on.  

Mickey makes his home in southwest Louisiana with his wife and fellow educator Eugenia and their children William and Mikayla.